Our Studio & Mission

Blue River Music Academy has been providing first rate private music lessons in the City of Coquitlam for over 3 years. Our academy aspires to provide each student with the best possible music instruction in order for them to meet their individual performance goals. Above all we wish for the student to develop a positive connection with their instrument and to achieve the fluency, knowledge and technical ability they desire in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Throughout the year we offer our students performance opportunities at studio concerts and additional learning opportunities through master classes and workshops. We are grateful to have been blessed with many wonderful students and look forward to working with new ones.

Maria Cristina Fantini,
Voice Instructor & Performer

Devon Wayne Wells,
Instruction in Guitar & Banjo

“Devon is an inspiring instructor. His passion for music encouraged my own excitement and enjoyment during our lessons. He is a human metronome of rhythm and enthusiasm. With a never ending repertoire of melodic interests and musical skill he offers all ages and abilities the opportunity to explore and develop their own musical talents.”

“Cristina is an absolutely fantastic teacher who shows great energy and passion increating the best possible learning environment for her students. She was able tobroaden my range and break my habit of strain on my voice. She is a wonderful teacher and a great person to be around!”
Mathew (Toronto, ON)